OUR MISSION: We aim to revive the sunna of wassiya and provide a FREE accessible platform that will incentivize YOU to write YOUR will in all PRIVACY. Through the platform, YOU will be able to write your will note, load documents and give a restricted access up to 4 will executors who will be able to implement your wishes and manage up to 1/3 of your assets (allowed  by inheritance rulings) following your instructions.

Our project idea flourished based on 2 fundamental observations today:

  • We live in a globalized digital world and the probability that don’t live close to our loved ones is high
  • Our assets are more dynamic than ever, hence we need a platform to quickly update our situation.

 There are many websites providing a service to write your will, OURS IS DIFFERENT:

  • It's FREE and we intend to keep it free as long as we are able to cover all the running costs.
  • It's DYNAMIC. You can use the website to enter your debts, load documents, videos with some words to special people, and social media accounts etc.
  • It's SAFE as long as you don’t share your password. Although Wassiyati might not be accepted legally in your country, you can use the platform to safely store legal documents.
  • It's INNOVATIVE with an original process to assign 4 will executors while making sure they don’t access during your lifetime. Watch our short video to see how it works.
  • Phone application is also in development to update your will anywhere anytime.


DECIDE YOUR LEGACY TODAY, don’t let others decide it for you tomorrow.